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Field Work & Electives Donation

Donate to Fieldwork & Intensives

Fieldwork and Intensives donations help cover the costs of Realms schools’ EL programs that are not included in the schools’ district funds. Typically, these expenses are transportation, supplies or gear rentals, and adequate staffing.

It’s a “donation” (not a fee) and is not required.

97.8% of Intensive donations support Realms EL programs—no overhead other than payment processing. The Fieldwork / Intensives program is still supplemented by other fundraising from the Friends of Realms Board. Paying more than the requested amount reduces the amount Friends of Realms needs to supplement and support families who are unable to make a donation.

All students participate in Fieldwork or Intensives regardless of actual donation.

Donations are tax-deductible.

Donate to Friends of Realms