- Realms Middle School Fieldwork Contribution -

...a critical component in keeping fieldwork alive & well!


The annual fieldwork contribution helps make our fieldwork program possible! This is not a required fee, however when families make this contribution it makes fieldwork a reality!


At REALMS, fieldwork is so much more than a field trip.  It is purposeful work outside the classroom that builds character, community, and academic skills. It is directly connected to a rigorous, standards-aligned curriculum, and it is an essential part of how we learn here at REALMS.


Teachers at REALMS carefully design investigations that often lead students beyond the walls of the classroom as they search for new knowledge, perspectives, or experiences.  When REALMS students venture out on fieldwork experiences, they explore the natural and human community around us to collect data, participate in service-learning projects, experience adventure, and deepen their classroom learning in many ways.  These fieldwork experiences go beyond the traditional field trip through their purposeful and direct connection to the classroom curriculum, and through their emphasis on service, adventure, and the collection of data.


Each year, students at REALMS participate in MANY single day and overnight fieldwork experiences. The costs associated with fieldwork are significant, and do not fall within the typical school budget. Friends of REALMS, the non-profit dedicated to fundraising in support of fieldwork at REALMS, invites families to make an annual fieldwork contribution to help offset some of the costs of fieldwork. This is not a fee, and all students will participate on fieldwork regardless of payment. However, this contribution is a critical element in funding our fieldwork program, and we appreciate whatever payment you can make!






Realms Schools are part of the EL Education Network of Schools.