Up and Running

Bend-La Pine Schools opened a new high school option for interested families this September. Realms High School is modeled on the same educational approach and guiding principles that have made the magnet, Realms Middle School, a successful and attractive option for many students and families in our school district for the past 17 years.

Message From the Principal

Dear interested students and families,

It is with great excitement that we prepare to launch Realms High School. We have a mission to ignite the passion, build the academic skills and foster the character necessary for our students to be leaders of change in their communities, both now and into the future.

Our school (and the EL Education model as a whole) is built upon two traditions:

  • Outward Bound's focus on challenge, teamwork, service and compassion, and

  • the Harvard Graduate School of Education's focus on active inquiry-based learning.

We believe that academic success is built on collaboration, perseverance, responsibility and compassion, and that character is shaped through engaging and challenging academic work. I encourage you to take a look at our Founding Principles.

We wanted to include a few "slogans" (Getting Smart, Doing Good; We Are Crew, Not Passengers; More Than You Think Possible) that are more than just words to us. They are a call to action, a credo of sorts, for us as educators and for our new school (staff, students, families and community members) as we build a new way of doing school. We look forward to seeing you at an informational meeting soon!

Roger White



Realms Schools are part of the EL Education Network of Schools.