8th grade parents - we strongly recommend you plan to attend your neighborhood high school freshman orientation night coming up in February! If you are considering requesting enrollment at a different high school than your neigborhood school, then you should attend that orientation as well. Please be aware that "area change request forms" (required to attend a high school outside your neighborhood) will be accepted between Feb 1st with a deadline of March 1st. These forms must be submitted to your neghborhood high school.


Bend High School

  • Tuesday Feb 9th, 6pm - for the IB Programme only

  • Monday February 22nds, 7pm - for all incoming freshman


Mountain View High School

  • Wednesday February 17th, 6pm - for all incoming freshman


Summit High School

  • Thursday February 18th, 6pm

Important Upcoming Dates - Mark your calendars


  • Wednesday January 13th - LifeTouch Picture Re-take Day

  • Thursday January 14th - Rubbish Renewed Eco-Fashion Show.... Bend's best fundraiser (it's for REALMS!)

  • Monday January 18th - No School: Martin Luther King Day

  • Thursday February 4th - End of 1st Semester

  • Friday February 5th - No School: Grading day at REALMS

  • Thursday February 11th - Kid Fair - A Celebration of 1st Semester Learning at REALMS (6pm sharp)

  • Monday February 15th - No School @ REALMS: MLK Day

  • Tuesday February 16th - No School @ REALM: EL Prof Dev Day

  • Thursday Febuary 18th - Info Night For Prospective Families

  • Monday February 22nd - 25th - 7th Grade Warm Springs Trip

  • Tuesday February 23rd - Info Night For Prospective Families

  • Thursday - Friday March 3rd & 4th - Student Led Conferences (round 2)

Pie in the Sky Pizza Elective Now Offering TAKE & BAKE!!


Hey folks - the amazing Pie in the Sky students bake up delicious pizzzas every Friday and seel slices to kids after school. It is an awesome learning experience - students are learning to make pizas AND run a business.


They are ready to roll out their "TAKE AND BAKE" pizzas for families. These pizzas are delicoius, and you can place your order online and then roll up Friday afternoon to pick up dinner right here while you pick up your student.


Follow the Pie in the Sky Facebook Page and order your take and bakes there!


Order deadline is Thursday morning each week. All proceeds from pizza sales go to support the elective program at REALMS.

8th Grade - High School Transition Meetings & Info

Wondering how to buy tickets?
Tickets are on sale at www.rubbishrenewed.com
$10 for students
$20 for adults
Wondering how to volunteer?

Hello everyone,

Volunteer opportunities for "Rubbish Renewed Set Up" are now open.

Please click on the following web link(s) (or copy it into your web browser if clicking doesn't work) to go to the signup sheet:


Wednesday, January 13th Dress Rehearsal Help

shifts start at 3pm and end at 6:30pm


Thursday, January 14th  Set Up Help

10:00am - noon or noon -2:00pm shifts available


Thursday, January 14th  Night Event Help

3 shifts:  (1)  4:15-6:30pm  (2)  6:15 - 8:30pm  (3)  8:15 - 10:30pm


To sign up, just follow the instructions on the page. It only takes a few seconds to do.

Thank you for volunteering!


The January Lunch Menu...


Each month, the lunch menu can be found on the Bend LaPine website right HERE. Below is a screenshot.



According to the Bend LaPine School District students who are paying for their lunch may NOT generate a negative balance in their lunch account. We will have to refuse service if a student has a negative balance of more than $3.00.


To streamline your lunch balance, we encourage you to use BLPay

Rubbish Renewed Eco-Fashion Show - Tickest Going Fast!

The Three Dimensions of Student Achievement

Dear REALMS Families,


As a part of the EL Education network of schools (formerly Expeditionary Learning) we have a three legged approach to student achievement. Young people will be judged not by their test scores, but by the quality of their work and their character. That is why at REALMS, we focus not just on Mastery of Knowledge and Skills, but also on Character, and High Quality Work.


Last month I drew attention to "High Quality Work" (HQW) and shared some of the criteria that our students shoot for, as well as some student work samples. This month, we have begun much of our Spring plannig and scheduling... including the Smarter Balanced Assessments. So - this month we will examine MASTERY OF KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS.

Mastery of Knowledge & Skills is the leg of the stool that supports students aquiring strong discipline-based academic skills. While this set of skills absolutely DOES include solid foundational math, reading, and writing skills, it ALSO includes the ability to tackle and work with complex ideas, the ability to think critically and from multiple-perspectives about an issue, and the ability to apply new academic knowledge and skills to novel or unfamiliar contexts.


At REALMS we support students' Mastery of Knoweldge and Skills through designing lesson plans based on high level state and national curriculum standards and by working hard to engage every student in challenging tasks while providing PLENTY of feedback about progress.


How are our students doing in their "Mastery of Knowledge and Skills"? Pretty awesome, as it turns out....

One of the measures we use to guage our students' mastery over core academic skills is the Smarter Balanced Assessment. This assessment, given each year in Math and English Language Arts is a rigorous and challenging set of tasks that really does a good job of assessing our students' higher level thinking skills and ability to apply their knowledge and skills. Last spring, REALMS students out-performed all but one of the Bend LaPine Middle Schools in terms of straight achievement on these tests, and they DID outperform all other BLS middle schools in terms of growth from prior year as measured against similar students.


Check out last year's Smarter Balanced Scores here (including a comparison). We are looking forward to seeing how our stellar and hard-working students fare on the assessments this year. For more info on this year's SB Assessments, see the newsletter below.

Smarter Balanced Assessments This Spring



Each year, students in grades 3 - 8 (and 10th) are required to take the state assessments in Math and English Language Arts. Last school year the old OAKS assessments were replaced by the new Smarter Balanced Assessments. These new assessments are more challenging and actually appear to be a better assessment of meaningful literacy and math skills than the old assessments which tended to emphasize discrete bits of content and "test-taking" skills.


Students at REALMS will take the tests in May, near the end of the school year... and good news, the assessments have been shortened slightly (last year they took quite a bit of time for students to complete)! Exact dates will be published soon.


We are REALLY PROUD of the excellent job our students did on these assessments last year - they dedicated themselves to the task, did their best work, and remained focused despite (or maybe because of) the high challenge level. A link to our students' results is at the top of this newsletter - and as you will see, REALMS kids fared very well! Individual score reports were handed out during Student Led Conferences in the Fall... stop by our office if you didn't get your copy!


And lastly, by state law we are required to inform you of the option to opt out of these assessments. We actually believe the SB Assessments do provide us with useful information about student progress, and encourage you to have your student take the tests. However, if you decide not to, the opt out forms are here:



REALMS Newsletter #5 - January 2016


be Crew, not Passengers!

Cinder Cone Climbing Club!


Do you like hiking, exploring, and learning about our local environment? Ever wish you had more chances to get out in the field with classmates who also love adventure? The Cinder Cone Climbing Club (C4) is an outing group that is built for those exact purposes. We will have monthly outings focused on exploring the natural world around us and watching the changes that happen through the winter and spring. There are two outings scheduled between now and Spring Break:


January 23rd 9am-1:30 in the Badlands wilderness caving and exploring geology with an expert. Deadline to register is Jan 18.


February 27th from 9:30-2:30 at the annual Eagle Watch at Lake Billy Chinook – this is a public event with activities, experts, and the opportunity to observe live raptors, both close up and in their natural environment. Deadline to register is Feb 13.


We’re moving to a per-trip fee for this session of Cinder Cone Climbing Club, or you can reserve your spot on both trips ahead of time. Cost is $30/trip or $50 for both trips.


Email eric.beck@bend.k12.or.us ASAP to get signed up!

Two Employment Opportunities at REALMS! Hiring ASAP!


Homework Club Instructor (Monday - Thursday, starting ASAP)


8th Grade Travel Study Instructors (last week of April, first week of May)

Other After School Programs: Dungeons & Dragons and Leadership



Our after school programs typically run on a trimester basis, and both D&D and Leadership are continuing for the winter trimester. If your student would like to continue in these after school programs they must sign up for the next session ASAP!


The winter session has already started, and in order to ensure these programs can continue we do need parents to sign up and pay. Thanks so much - please sign up here




Suicide Prevention - Our Kids Are Our Treasure...


Some of you may have heard about the recent and very tragic suicide in one of our local middle schools. Our hearts go out to the family and friends, and we are reminded about the importance of talking openly about suicide awreness with our kids.


We all know that middle school is a time of social change and upheaval for kids, and that it is our job to talk to and support all of our kids as they navigate the challenges of adolescence. At REALMS, we often see students and staff reaching out to support and watch out for other students who look sad, or lonely... but nonetheless we can always do more!


We encourage you to talk to your son/daughter about suicide awareness - and here are some resources. Thanks to those of you who have reached out recently or shared resources... it really does take a village. If you are worried, or unsure how to start conversations about suicide with your teen, feel free to stop by and chat - we can help!


Deschutes County Suicide Prevention Page

Warning Signs for Suicide from Suicide Prevention Resource Center


Crisis Text Line - a great resource for anyone needing help. To learn more, watch this interesting 9 TED Talk minute video below

Realms Schools are part of the EL Education Network of Schools.