REALMS Newsletter #3 - November 2015

Picture Day - November 19th

Forms will be available for pick up during Student Led Conferences. This year, our pictures will be taken by LifeTouch.


Tasting the soup at student led conferences...



Dear REALMS Families,


As an EL Education school (formerly Expeditionary Learning) we have a set of core practices that help us shape our school and our classrooms into places where, on a daily basis, our students experience both rigor and joy. We care about more than just test scores, we care also about helping stduents develop strong character, build and be a part of a healthy community, and ultimately, be able to go out and make a difference in the world!


One way we do this is to help students become "leaders of their own learning".  To be a leader of their own learning students need many skills, and one is the ability and to accurately assess their own work for quality, craftsmanship, accuracy, and depth. Just as chefs must taste the soup and make adjustments before they serve it to their customers, so to must students step back and analyze their learning so they can be an integral part of figuring out their strengths and next steps!


One powerful and important step in the "tasting the soup" process is our Student Led Conferences coming up next week. Students at school have been spending time in classes reflecting on their learning and analyzing their growth towards learning targets. They have been preparing to lead a rich academic conversation with you... and now your job is to prepare for YOUR role at student led conferences by doing the following:


  1. view our web page on SLC's so you are aware of your role in making it successful!

  2. sign up for your SLC slot no later than this Friday (11/6/15)



Thanks for being part of the CREW, and we look forward to "tasting the soup" with you next Thursday and Friday!



The November Lunch Menu...


Each month, the lunch menu can be found on the Bend LaPine website right HERE. Below is a screenshot.



According to the Bend LaPine School District students who are paying for their lunch may NOT generate a negative balance in their lunch account. We will have to refuse service if a student has a negative balance of more than $3.00.


To streamline your lunch balance, we encourage you to use BLPay



REALMS 7th Graders Follow In the Footsteps of the Ancient Babylonians.... Discovering pi!







Our Wreath & Tree Sale Continues....



Surprise your neighbor, adorn your door, “spruce” up your house and support REALMS.


One year of fieldwork at REALMS costs well over $45,000.  

It takes the fieldwork contribution fee and multiple other layers of fundraising to ensure that our students have these rich and powerful experiences.


So far we have reached close to 20% of our sales goal, and we have some students who are really going for it. Lets celebrate the following students, who as of LAST WEEK had already turned in sales of more than 5 wreaths each:

Elizabeth Sawyers, Vinny Anello-Dennee, Audrey Leask, Lucas McEuin, Londyn and Austyn Clark, Jaelle Chambers, Jack Joseph, Luke Worbes... many others have sold more as well but have not yet turned in their sales


Feel free to send out our online ordering link to friends and colleagues.


How can you help your student?

  • Have your student go to the homes of family members, family friends and neighbors you know.

  • Parents can help by selling to their colleagues at their place of employment. Please feel free to pick up a color flyer and additional ordering forms in the REALMS office . 

  • We will meet our goal if each student sells just 8 items each.

  • Help your student by suggesting potential “customers” that they can visit, telephone, email or Facebook!

22" Traditional Wreath

22" Traditional Wreath

A beautiful wreath made with Fresh evergreens that include noble fir boughs, yellow-berried incense cedar, blue-berried juniper and ponderosa

5 Gallon "Baby Blue" Spruce - $25

5 Gallon "Baby Blue" Spruce - $25

Decorate your front porch with these! String them with lights! Gift them to friends!

22" Door Swag with Bow - $20

22" Door Swag with Bow - $20

Made with Noble Fir boughs. Fresh yellow-berried incense cedar and blue-berried juniper are added, then topped off with a ponderosa pine cone and a handmade bow.

Midterm Progress Reports


On Monday November 9th you will receive a midterm progress report from each of your student's teachers. Here are some important things to know:


  • These midterm progress reports are simply an extracted "snapshot" directly out of ParentVue and we STRONGLY encourage you to go into ParentVue and click on any given standard score to see the details of the assignments connected to that standard. It is better to go into ParentVue every week or two and keep track of things than to wait for the midterm!


  • A score of 4 or higher means that the student has demonstrated grade level proficiency on the standard/learning target. Our goal is that a student achieves a score of 4 or higher in every standard in the class by the end of the semester. This is considered "On Track Growth".


  • Any score below a 4 can be addressed until the end of the semester - students can re-take or revise and improve assessments to improve their score on any standard. They can/should also complete and turn in any missing assignments connected to that standard.


  • Habits of Work matter, and that is why we teach and assess them! Focusing on and helping students develop these academic habits will pay dividends throughout their future education.


  • A score of 6, or mastery, a not available on all standards.


  • We purposefully do not provide an overall grade in each class, however the "4 or more in every standard/target" is a good benchmark for solid, on track grade level progress in any given class.


  • For specific instructions on understanding how to use ParentVue you can watch either the first or second half of the video below. The first 6 minutes explains  Proficiency Based Assessment and the last 6 minutes explains great hacks and tips for how to get the most out of ParentVue


We strongly recommend that you begin checking ParentVue weekly now, if you have not already. Do it together with your student so they can show you how to view scores on standards and how to check for missing assignments. If there is ever any confusion about a missing assignment we strongly recommend you email the teacher!!

What Are We Studying at REALMS? 1st Semester Curriculum Outlines


One of the things that makes REALMS special is that our curriculum is designed by REALMS teachers, not by some text book publisher in a far off place. REALMS teachers have extensive experience in designing rigorous, standards-based curriculum units (we call them usually call them learning expeditions or case studies) that are engaging to students, often inter-disciplinary and quite frequently are connected to themes of environmental stewardship, social justice, or self expression.


To see the curriculum outlines that teachers have put together, click the links to the Google Docs below. These curriculum outlines are "living, breathing documents" and are subject to change. In fact, there are a few sections that are still blank... check back in a week or so to see more!


6th Grade Fall Semester Classes

7th Grade Fall Semester Classes

8th Grade Fall Semester Classes

Pie in the Sky Pizza Elective Now Offering TAKE & BAKE!!


Hey folks - the amazing Pie in the Sky students bake up delicious pizzzas every Friday and seel slices to kids after school. It is an awesome learning experience - students are learning to make pizas AND run a business.


They are ready to roll out their "TAKE AND BAKE" pizzas for families. These pizzas are delicoius, and you can place your order online and then roll up Friday afternoon to pick up dinner right here while you pick up your student.


Learn more about this week's pizzas and order online here.


Order deadline is Thursday morning each week. All proceeds from pizza sales go to support the elective program at REALMS.

Newspaper Elective Publishes Their 1st Edition!


Our fabulous newspaper elective team has published their first newsletter - check out the fabulous work of these student journalists! Click image below to download the newsletter.



Friends of REALMS Fieldwork Contributions


Friends of REALMS is a non-profit foundation dedicated to supporting some of the most unique and powerful parts of a student's REALMS education - fieldwork, service and electives. Without the financial support of Friends of REALMS, we would not be able to engage students in the on overnight and single day fielwork and service experiences that are so critical in helping our students become "future ready", not just "test ready".


Every REALMS parent can help in the effort. Friends of REALMS requests that parents make an annual fieldwork contribution. This is NOT a fee, and is not required. HOWEVER, it is an absolutely critical component in making it possible for REALMS to offer these rich, educationally powerful, real-world learning experiences.


Friends of REALMS encourages every family to make a fieldwork contribution for this year right away, if you haven't already. You can make a fieldwork contributiuon at whatever level is possible for you, however we have set up the following grade based recommendations based on the amount of fieldwork each grade participates in. You can pay online by clicking the links below... or drop a check by the school during Student Led Conferences.


6th Grade Recommended Fieldwork Contribtution - $150

7th Grade Recommended Fieldwork Contribtution - $175

8th Grade Recommended Fieldwork Contribtution - $225


Or, make a Partial Fieldwork Contribution - $50, $75 or $100


On behalf of the Friends of REALMS Board of Directors, the staff, and most of all, the students of REALMS... Thank You.

Please bring in your Box Tops!  


We will be collecting them throughout the year to raise funds for REALMS .  


We are also collecting Labels for Education.  Please look for participating products from these brands: BIC, Campbell's, Pace, Pepperidge Farms, Spaghettios, Swanson, V8

Determination and Grit... these students are working through lunch!

Realms Schools are part of the EL Education Network of Schools.