- Curriculum at Realms Schools -


Curriculum at Realms Middle School and Realms High School is designed by teachers, not textbook authors!


Realms teachers are trained to design "Learning Expeditions" that bring content standards to life through in-depth studies leading to high levels of academic achievement for all students. Learning Expeditions start with guiding questions and progress through a carefully sequenced set of standards-aligned lessons that connect to real-world problems, involve students in original research and critical thinking, often lead students into the field to collect data, participate in service, or in some way experience the application of their learning. Learning expeditions at REALMS often involve teachers collaborating to weave together two or more academic disciplines and culminate in an event inwhich students share high quality work with an audience more "real and important than the refrigerator door"!


See links below for a snapshot of curriculum outlines from Realms Middle School:


8th Grade Fall Semester Curriculum Overviews

7th Grade Fall Semester Curriculum Overviews

6th Grade Fall Semester Curriculum Overviews



Realms Schools are part of the EL Education Network of Schools.