Rock Climbing: Engage in many faces of rock climbing for all levels of experience. In this intensive you will learn climbing, safety & belay techniques. You will climb Bend Rock Gym and apply your skills at Smith Rock. You’ll dig into multiple perspectives about access and climbing related issues from Smith Rock Climbing Alliance and the State Park such as overcrowding, Leave No Trace, and other environmental concerns. Following, you will be able to give back to the community by participating in erosion control service at the top of Misery Ridge. While letting your forearms de-pump. You will learn about basic physics of rock climbing gear, anchors and falling! You’ll visit Metolius Climbing Gear, see gear being tested, and explore a variety of careers in the climbing field. Joining you on this intensive will be an AMGA Certified Climbing guide and guide service business owner. We will teach you how to climb efficiently and mindfully. 

Taught by: Karen Agocs (Realms HS Teacher) with certified guides from Smith Rock Climbing School


Rock Climbing


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