7th Grade Humanities - the Freedom Riders Essay (long task)



Is the US a country that treats all races equally?

How can an average person make changes in the structure of our society?


Your essay will be about the Freedom Riders AND civil rights issues that are happening today (such as Ferguson). Your goal is CONNECT the Freedom Riders with Ferguson or another current civil rights issue. You must make a claim and support it with facts from credible sources (the film, assigned articles).  Remember, you must supply context for what ever you bring up (Freedom Riders, Ferguson).


Students are researching, writing, and giving each other feedback on their drafts.


Student work in progress:


Sample 2nd draft - Hayden H


Sample 2nd draft - Silas N



8th Grade Math - the Carbon Offset Project (short tasks)



For over 200 years, we have harnessed the energy stored in fossil fuels to our benefit.  As we burn coal, oil, and natural gas to heat the hot water for our showers, charge our phones, fuel our automobiles and airplanes, and power the franchises that create our take-out burger and chips, we release carbon that had previously been stored deep underground into the atmosphere.  This change in the carbon cycle is changing the Earth’s climate.  REALMS 8th grade students are mathematically investigating and calculating how trees and forests can be a part of the solution.


Students are engaging in field based data collection and classroom based mathematics as they apply math to helping understand and solve global climate change!


Student work - a series of short task assignments:


Fieldwork data collection:

Sample student data sheet


Task 1: Building background knowledge about carbon offset programs

Sample work - Ella F.


Task 2: Calculating carbon offset equivalents using scientific notation

Sample work - Ella F.



Janna helping students with research and writing

High Quality Work:

Samples of Complexity and Authenticity from November

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