School Supply List 2015-16

The following is a list of items we would like all our students to have for school. We recognize that not every family will be financially able to purchase each item on this list. If you need assistance, please call our office and we will be happy to help!


Teachers Collect:
(Bring on the first day of school)

36 (or more) Pencils
2 - 100 page composition books sewn or taped - not spiral
1 - 100 page spiral bound notebook - graph paper 4 squares per inch
1 box colored pencils
1 box colored markers
1 pair scissors (adult size)
1 package of glue sticks

Students Keep
(Do NOT bring the first day... bring this on Monday of week 2)

1 quart size, leak proof, water bottle labeled with student’s name
1 DURABLE ZIP CLOSURE 3-ring binder
1 package of 3-ring notebook dividers (leave blank)
2 packages of ruled 3-hole notebook paper (put 1 package in binder, keep one package for later)
1 ruler with inches and centimeters (flexible if possible)

For donation - optional!
Donations and fundraising are important to our continued success. Donations help us use our budget for direct operations, and they allow us to provide free supplies to students in need. If you would like to donate extra supplies, the following is a great list to choose from. Feel free to send the extra supplies to school with your student. Thank you.
Dry erase markers (colored or black)
* Post it notes
* Colored Sharpies
* Black Sharpies
* Extra reams of copy paper - white or colored
* Boxes of Kleenex



If you would like assistance with any of these you may also contact our FAN Advocate:

Erin Brown at 541-355-2625


For a printable version of this list:



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