Our Mission

At Realms Middle School, our vision is to foster scholarship, strengthen community, and inspire stewardship through active learning.


The Vision:

At Realms Schools, we will challenge our diverse group of students to investigate, understand, and become stewards of the human and natural world around us.  To do so, we will pursue experiences both inside and outside of the classroom that will help our students develop a core set of academic skills and learning habits, that will encourage them to explore and identify their values, and that will foster the inspiration that comes through service to others and adventure.


Traits of a Realms Graduate:
Through our work with Expeditionary Learning, and drawing from our friends at Deeper Learning, we have defined the traits of a Realms graduate. Realms students will:


  • Have a command over a rich body of content and skills

  • Produce work of high quality and craftsmanship

  • Apply knowledge and skills to tasks that demand critical thinking, problem solving, and original thought

  • Demonstrate positive character and engage deeply in learning

  • Demonstrate habits of service and citizenship

Realms Schools are part of the EL Education Network of Schools.