Dear REALMS Families,


We hope you are having an excellent summer!! This site is designed to guide you through all the "Back to School" logistics and information that you'll need to have a super smooth start to the year.


We know that as we transition to our new status as a magnet school within the a Bend LaPine School District system there will be some changes in how we do things. Mostly those changes will be "administrative" and it is our mission to make sure that the those changes are smooth and seamless - communication will be the key!


To that end, we have built this site to help you access information. Our former "school communication system" known as SchoolSpeak will go away and will be replaced with an official REALMS website. In the meantime, this site will get you up and running! There are some links here that will direct you to the Bend LaPine School District website We ask ALL PARENTS to review it carefully and to be SURE to complete the necessary forms in the Parent Paperwork section ASAP.


The best way to use this site is to work your way from left to right on the top menu bar, starting with The Basics and then moving to Parent Paperwork. When you are finished with that, keep moving right on the menu bar! If you notice any issues with the site, or have questions you can't find the answer to, feel free to email me at (this email will change at the end of the summer to one ending in


Hope to see you all at the Welcome Back Ice Cream Social.


An in the meantime, have a great summer!


Realms Schools are part of the EL Education Network of Schools.