Transportation Options


Did you know that REALMS is Bend's only middle school to earn Oregon Green School status?!


At REALMS we strongly encourage families to plan transportation to and from school in a way that is environmentally repornsible whenever possible. Below is information about three ways that kids can get to and from school without putting more cars on the road.


Don't forget biking! Like the freedom of biking and the feeling of some excercise at the start and end of each day? Considering biking to school? AWESOME! We have students who bike to school often, and we encourage all students to try it out during our "Bike to School Days" in the Fall - stay tuned for more information, and don't forget your helmet!

Bend LaPine Bus


As part of our transition into the Bend LaPine School District we now have access to some great transportation options courtesy of the District!


In the morning, there is a shuttle from each of the Bend LaPine middle schools to REALMS. Students can ride their neighborhood bus to their neighborhood school and then catch a shuttle over to REALMS. In the afternoon, there is a bus that leaves REALMS and heads downtown to Amity Creek Elementary. From there, students can jump on buses that head to the 4 different quadrants in town (SW, SE, NW, NE).


To see specific times and routes, download the PDF below.




Cascades East Transit


Over the past three years we have been building a partnership with Cascades East Transit (CET) so that our students can make use of the growing public transit system in Bend!


Thanks to the hard work of some dedicated parents and staff, we now have a CET bus stop right in front of our school! Many students ride the CeT bus each day, and use Hawthorne Station as a transfer point to catch a neighborhood bus.


An important thing to know about the CET schedule is that the Route 4 bus that stops at REALMS only comes by our campus twice a day... it makes a special detour from its normal route to drop our kids off in the morning and pick them up at the end of the day. During all other times of day the  Route 4 bus does NOT make this detour to our campus.


To see specific times and routes, download the PDF below.







In addition to bus options, many of our families set up carpools. This is a great way to reduce your environmental footprint AND save yourself some time!


To help families find carpools we have set up a Google Spreadsheet that you can add your contact information to and find others who live in your neighborhood.


We will also set up a time and place during our Back to School Ice Cream social for those interested in carpooling to meet and exchange information.


















Carpooling Spreadsheet

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