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April 25 – May 4


Job description

REALMS is hiring 4 outside staff members to compliment the 5 current REALMS teachers leading the 8th grade Travel Study Trip for a total staffing team of 9.  You will help lead a group of fifty 8th grade students (13-14 year olds) on a 12-day adventure to the San Juan Islands on their annual Travel Study Trip.  Experience with young people, outdoor education, and travel are essential.  This position requires good communication, positive attitude, and the ability to work with both students and other staff members in a collaborative, flexible environment.  Although the staff team has a clearly articulated itinerary and program, it is not uncommon for the schedule to change. 


Travel Study Trip Description

The REALMS Travel-Study Trip will involve a learning expedition of the San Juan Islands.  The San Juan Islands are a small archipelago situated on the border between the U.S. and Canada.  This 12 day field experience will bring to a culmination in-depth investigations in Social Studies, Science and other subject areas.  The goal is for students to build their knowledge through preparatory study that will become background for authentic investigation -- experiences and fieldwork.  The project immerses students in experience based learning within another community

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